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Welcome to the Goldendale High School website! At Goldendale High School we are very proud of the successes and accomplishments of our student body and our staff. We have high expectations for everyone in the building to perform at their highest level.

The Mission of Goldendale High School is to provide a quality education in a safe environment, to promote social harmony, and to help students develop the knowledge, skills, and values they need to become Giving and Honorable Students (GHS), and life-long learners in our technological, global society.  Our Vision is that Every Student will graduate from Goldendale High School in four years and be college or career ready.  We believe if the staff, students, parents, and community can work together, then nothing will hold our students back from achieving their hopes and aspiration in high school and beyond.

The Goldendale High School Core Covenants are Integrity, Respect, Commitment, and Positive Attitude.  By Integrity we mean students will be honest, responsible, and will keep their word.  Respect is given through actions toward others as well as by respecting oneself.  Commitment is shown by doing your best, supporting others, and caring for our school.  The covenant of Positive Attitude can be seen as students keep their heads up, show enthusiasm, and are happy.

The steps that have been implemented to achieve our building academic goals are:
1.) Increasing Rigor and accountability in the classroom
2.) Building strong Relationships with Students, Families, and Community
3.) Building Relevance into lessons so that what is being taught relates to the real world
4.) Assessment using data to improve our teaching to better meet the needs of the students.

Thank you for your support for our student body and staff.  We will be increasing our communication through this website and hope you will be able to find valuable resources for you and your family.  Please give us a call if we can be of assistance.


John Westerman                                              Angie Hedges

Principal                                                              Vice Principal

ESEA and Title IA Information

In compliance with ESEA and Title IA Goldendale school district needs to provide you information and an opportunity to request Supplemental Education Services. Please see this linked letter for additional information or visit the OSPI website at the address listed below.



Goldendale High School is located 525 Simcoe Drive, Goldendale, Washington  98620. Contact numbers are; Phone (509) 773-5846   and   Fax (509) 773-6900.  Feel free to contact us if you need further information or answer questions about our high school.

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